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Monday, July 17, 2017

Poetry Center

Hi there!
Last year I made my own poetry units for my shared reading center and my kids absolutely loved them! I decided to sell them on Teachers Pay Teachers in hopes that other classrooms would be able to use them too.
I have always used Daily 5 in my classroom but I found partner reading to be very hard for first graders. Instead of partner reading I have a Poetry Center. Here the kids can partner read the poem for the week and work together to complete activities to go along with that poem. 
I have a pocket chart with task cards to remind the kids of the different activities that they can complete while in poetry center. Click on the picture below to get the free task cards!

Each poem packet contains the following activities:

•Missing words page
•Poetry response/making connections page
•Poem puzzle for pocket chart
•Memory game with rhyming words
•Word search
Re-Write the Poem page-this is a generic page that can be used with any of my poems, that way you don’t have to copy a new page each week!
•If the students finish all of these activities in a given week, they have the option or re-reading previous poems or buddy reading!
•Glue the poem in order page-you can either have them glue these in a journal, on a plain piece of paper. I have mine glue it to the back of the word search so they don’t waste paper.

The task cards are available for free on teachers pay well as drawer labels for the Sterelite drawers that I use to store some of the poetry activities. 

If they complete all of the poetry activities for the week they can partner read books and fill out a partner reading questionnaire together!

If you would like to see what a poetry unit for the week looks like check out a free example here

You can purchase them by the month or save by buying the yearly poetry bundle for only $30.00!!!

Let me know if you have any questions!